Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sermon for Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday, April 8th 2012
The Rev. Kate Ekrem
One of the things we have learned, this past week as we walked in the footsteps of Jesus on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, is that sometimes we have to just stop. We can’t fix ourselves. Our Lenten disciplines have failed to perfect us, giving up beer for Lent actually did not make me lose a single pound, I’m not a better person than I was on Ash Wednesday, in Holy Week we learn to be passive recipients of God’s love, all we can do is let Jesus wash our feet, and feed us, and sit at the foot of the cross and receive God’s outpouring of love.
But then comes Easter. You know it’s easy to get caught up in whether we believe in a real resurrection or not, was Jesus’ body raised from the dead, or was it just a spiritual thing the disciples experienced, is it literal truth or just a metaphor. But resurrection is not, really, something to believe in.

Notes on Easter Sermon

I went to Newsweek to try to find a sermon illustration for this sermon, as Newsweek almost every year prints a cover article on "did the Resurrection really happen or not?" I meant to poke fun at this habit of theirs. Instead, I found a fantastic article by Andrew Sullivan which inspired other parts of this sermon. It's an Easter sermon itself and well worth reading.