Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sermon for third Sunday of Easter

Sermon by the Rev. Kate Ekrem for April 14 2013
Acts 9:1-19a

Many years ago, I met a woman, a new member of the Episcopal Church, who said that what she loved about our church was that people were not continually asking her the date and time of her conversion to Christ. She came from a tradition – I can’t even remember what it was – where that was the norm, and in many churches it still is. My friend found the fact that we weren't so interested in her conversion hard to get used to, but refreshing, but I wonder if conversion isn't something we should think more about.
            This morning we read the famous story of Saul, who was later of course called Paul, the author of most of the letters in the back of the New Testament. We read the famous story of how he turned from unbelief to belief in an instant that was like a flash of light.