Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Youth Group Stumps the Priest

Sunday night I got to join the youth group for their Sunday night dinner, which they cook together each week as a time of support and sharing. I was foolish enough to say "ask me anything" and they had a lot of really great questions. We decided "stump the priest" was fun, and plan to do it again. But I wonder if any of you could field any of these questions that the youth group asked me. What would you have answered them? Are any of these questions which also puzzle you?

* What do Episcopalians believe about creation and evolution?
* What was Jesus' childhood and young adulthood like? Did people treat him differently?
* When we die, do we go to heaven immediately or do we "fall asleep" and get resurrected on the Last Day?
* Are some parts of the Bible antisemitic, and if so, how do we deal with that?
* Is the devil real or just a metaphor for evil in the world?
* What about people who do bad things yet go to church and people who do good things yet don't believe in God?
* What does "Jesus died to save us" really mean? Why doesn't the world look more saved?

Whew. I think there may be a sermon shaping up out of all our discussion. Or maybe a sermon series...

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