Thursday, April 5, 2012

Notes and further reading for Maundy Thursday

This was one of those sermons where I cut out way more than I included in the final version. This Lent has been a fruitful time of discussion in our various adult formation venues about good, evil, human nature, Jesus, and the Eucharist. More than one sermon’s worth! Maybe more to come during Easter as we live into our Eucharistic calling… but in the meantime, some articles that were hovering in the background for me in this sermon included:
 When the Good do Bad, David Brooks in the NYTimes
 And always when it comes to sacrifice and nonviolence, the theories of Rene Girard as so ably expressed by Paul Neuchterlein.
This Lenten conversation has inspired me to make my Easter season reading:
The Feast of the World’s Redemption: Eucharistic Origins and Christian Mission


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